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About the organization

Circle of Trust Atlanta was created as a forum for diverse individuals working in the commercial real estate industry to network, to connect, and to share resources in an informal energetic setting. All of the spokes of the wheel of the development cycle are represented at Circle events, and the experience is incomparable to any event in the city. The Circle of Trust is the most inclusive commercial real estate organization in America, and the best real estate professionals on Planet Earth call the COT home. We Have the Industry Surrounded.




To create the most dynamic, and the most diverse, commercial real estate network by focusing on inclusive conversation, and vibrant energy, in the most dynamic venues.

The Circle Nation represents the best commercial real estate professionals on Planet Earth.  The diversity of its network will help the CRE industry to resemble real life...and it’s about time. Our members lead with a handshake and a conversation, not with a business card.

  • Diversity and Inclusivity

  • Mutual Respect and Communication

  • Community Engagement and Philanthropy

  • Take the “Work” out of Network

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